Would You Want to Know the Different Styles of Academic Regalia?


Would You Want to Know the Different Styles of Academic Regalia?

Holding a successful graduation ceremony is an important event for colleges. It’s a common thing that every college graduate should wear an academic gown at their graduation. However, different countries have different styles of academic regalia.

There are three kinds of academic regalia, including doctor gowns, master gowns and bachelor gowns. You can also create your own academic regalia according to your requirements.

Doctor Gowns

The doctoral clothes originated from the clothing of medieval European priests, because the scholars in the early universities were mostly missionaries. Mondon mainly own 4 kinds of doctor gowns, including classic doctoral graduation gowns, deluxe doctoral graduation gowns, deluxe doctoral academic gowns with piping and custom deluxe doctoral gowns. Our doctor gowns are made of 100% matte polyester in 12 regular colors. Just create a unique doctor gown for yourself to commemorate your Ph.D. graduation ceremony.

Bachelor Gowns

The bachelor's suit is a formal dress representing the degree worn by the bachelor's degree holder at the degree conferring ceremony. It is one of the visible, visible, and visible signs of the degree, which was developed from the national standard version of the degree suit. Mondon can offer two kinds of bachelor gowns, including deluxe bachelor graduation gowns only and economy bachelor graduation gowns only. We take pride in providing our elegant bachelor gowns for you to celebrate your graduation.

Master Gowns

The master's uniform consists of four parts: a degree cap, a tassel, a degree gown, and a drape. The degree cap is a black square and contains the meaning of books (representing knowledge). The master's degree tassel is dark blue. The gown is blue and dark blue. The drape has a triangular-shaped huddle. The deluxe master gown sets that we offer here at Mondon come complete with master cap, master graduation gowns, tassels, and hoods.

In fact, graduation gown is a clothing used to indicate that a degree has been obtained at a university or related institution, and is one of the tangible signs of a degree. Degree uniforms are generally composed of four parts: degree gown, drape, degree cap, tassel, etc. Its origin can be traced back to the medieval university, and its significance and value cannot be ignored. Although different styles of academic uniforms vary from country to country, the symbols of knowledge and wisdom are common throughout the world. The graduation ceremony was completed with a complete academic uniform. It is also a solemn ceremony that temporarily ends a career in school.