College Master Robes For Graduation

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College Master Robes For Graduation

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Style Name: Adult Graduation Gown Cap&Tassel&Year Charm

Material: Cap&Gown--100% Matte Polyester 140gsm

Tassel--100% Rayon


- One set includes cap, gown and tassel and year charm

- Gown has yoke lining, with zipper closure,  features front pleats and side pleats

- Cap made of  9” by 9” cardboard, glued Seams for a tighter fabric,  elastic band inside make    it one Size fits all

- Tassel made of rayon, 9" length with 6' loop,  65 strand out,  with zinc alloy year charm

Fabric: 100% Matte polyester finished
Size: 39" to 66" available for children
Color: 12 colors and as per your request
Minimum Order Quantity : 200 Set
Packing: one PP bag for each, 30 Set per carton

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