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What Should I do on My Graduation Day?

The graduation ceremony is not only a perfect ending to the student's career, but also a highlight moment in life. Here we will give some tips for you to attend graduation ceremony.

5 Types to Celebrate Your Graduation at Home

Some interesting ways to celebrate your graduation at home. Try to share your happiness with friends and family members.

Would You Want to Know the Different Styles of Academic Regalia?

For graduates, it’s important to wear graduation gowns at graduation ceremony. There are three kinds of academic regalia, including doctor gowns, master gowns and bachelor gowns.

10 Steps to Design the Perfect Graduation Frame

Mondon has many graduation frames in different colors, designs, and sizes in stock and ready to ship. Furthermore, our graduation frames are fully customized to suit your personal needs. Here are the steps we take to create the perfect graduation frame for you.

2019 Mid-Year Round Meeting

Looking back on the past, looking forward to the future, we all believe we can do better, Mondon company will be more and more powerful.

2018.12 The annual meeting

Thanks to the concerted efforts of everyone and our customers, Mondon company is walking to a brighter future and will always offer wonderful service around the world.