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  • Nina Åkerman

    The graduation cap gown set just arrived (as promised!) and they are prefect! They are actually much better quality than we expected  Thank you very much for excellent customer service and product – it was a pleasure working with you!

  • Mrs. Yoryanny Laverde

    I bought this graduation tassel a as a memento for my husband's college graduation (in his school colors). I put it inside of a clear Christmas ornament as a keepsake, and the tassel is of really nice quality. The colors are bright and just as shown. I am very pleased.

  • Cameron Hill

    Better than I expected for the price. Love the cuffed sleeves and the piping. Nice material looks very good. Fits my needs.

  • Malcolm Goh

    I just received this robe and tried it on and it is a great fit. I was really impressed with the weight of the gown. One might expect something that feels like a lighter weight gown based on the types of gowns we may have worn as high school or bachelor's grads. The felt is a nice thickness and is obviously good quality. The fabric of the gown is lighter weight, but still nice looking. I think I will be able to steam the wrinkles out and it'll look and feel great! Besides, the price beats every other comparable gown! The prices are ridiculous for these gowns anyway and this was an excellent compromise between build quality and value. I would buy this one again and recommend it to others looking for a similar compromise.

  • Katrina Thorpe

    Thank you so much…..we had started to use another supplier as your prices had gone up. But this new supplier has let us down for 4 orders now and we are in a lot of trouble with these customers now. We had to find the help from you side. Thank you for being so warm and assisting with our recent order. You have been great and feel I am in good hands now. Thank you

  • Edie M. Cardran

    I liked this so much that I came back and ordered a second one. I'm sure there are fancier diploma covers out there, but I just needed something simple to keep my diploma safe. I now have one at work and one stored away at home. I don't know if it is real leather, but it has a nice, quality feel. The case has a plastic film to place over the diploma and this glossy addition really makes the lettering glow. I ordered this one because it was the cheapest I could find for a regular letter sized certificate/diploma, and this turned out to be a great choice.