Economy Graduation Gown Cap Tassel Package

The Significance of the Economy Bachelor Gown/Cap/Tassel Package

As the end of the semester approaches in a number of universities around the world, students will wear a cap and gown, smiling for pictures with their parents, and walking across stages in proud honor of their academic achievements as a student. Everything from the graduation cap to the graduation stole holds great meaning beyond what many of the graduates may not even be aware of. However, those who are aware of these significances are able to tell a lot about a person’s academic career just by looking at their outfit.

Why Wear Gowns?

These loose fitting garments carry a tradition that goes back to the beginning of the university system. Before there were specific schools dedicated to higher learning, most education beyond basic instruction for most trades was provided by the Catholic Church. Ecclesiastical training was considered a viable option by many who could afford the opportunity. Back then, this opportunity was far more than what they could have obtained on their own.

The reasons why our gowns are so much more comfortable than the older-style academic dress and many of our competitors’ is contributed to three important factors First, our Economy Bachelor Gown is made from 100% polyester that is light weight and easy to wear for long periods of time over other clothing. Many of the earlier designed scholarly attire were built for warmth. Often ceremonies were held within large, unheated stone buildings like cathedrals. Fortunately, we live in a world with air conditioning, so the need for a warm gown is not nearly as pressing as it would have been back in the middle ages. Many competitors may still provide extra fabric inside their robes, making for a weighted and less comfortable gown.

Secondly, our regalia has been made from top quality materials that are designed to be easy to wear and remove as needed. Zippers in most designs make it easy to adjust the gown for comfort or to change between pictures. The seams are carefully stitched to reduce the chance of unraveling. The fabric contributes to a simplified appearance that resists stains and will be easier to keep in good order for years to come.

Finally, we are focused on designing our gowns to fit, which means high quality cuts and affectations that will not only look amazing but bring out the best in you while you have it on. Instead of draping your frame without any sort of contour, as so many other gowns do, our options fit over the shoulders and sit in place while draping along the body to give you clean lines and a fashionable look. Pictures from that day will last for years, so you should look your best.

Considering all of these changes, the Economy Graduation Gowns for College still bears a lot of similarities to the designs of the past. It is worn long, down to the ankles, and has the same full length sleeves early scholars wore. Again, these are artifacts of the need for warmth but now contribute to a more streamlined look. The sleeves on a Economy Graduation Gowns for College are always pointed, though sometimes subtly, to differentiate it from a master’s gown, which had oblong sleeves, squared at the back. The neck and collar are made of a single piece of fabric so that it can drape easily over your head and shoulders, originally a function of having to mass produce these centuries before mass production was common but now used to make it fit you even better.

The Traditional Graduation Hat and Stole

Additional accessories add to the importance today’s cap and gown. The graduation stole and hat worn by graduating students also have their roots in the European church schools. Originally derived from the ecclesiastic stoles that priests wore during certain times of the year, they were used to indicate which part of the church calendar members were on. The stole was eventually used to indicate which type of study a particular student was pursuing. For many people today, the tassel has come to replace the stole, which is why the Economy Bachelor Tassel has a high quality gold plated clasp to draw attention to it as well as 12 color options to represent your group or society of choice.

The Graduation Cap

The graduation hat is probably the most iconic of graduation regalia. While the design has gone through a number of different appearances, the common cap that we are familiar with today goes back to 1559 when it was made a legal requirement for teachers to wear the four cornered mortarboard in England.

The graduation cap is made of matte materials so, like the gown, it will be stain resistant and show up well in pictures. The glued seams ensure that the fabric remains tight over the hard board top that will last for quite a while. Elastic bands around the head mean that they will comfortably fit most people. The design is part of our commitment to producing high-quality outfits that will not only look incredible on the day of the event but maintain their appearance for years to come.

When students walk across that stage at graduation, they take part in an academic tradition that has grown and changed over the years, but has always signified great achievement in learning. Though many of the items are symbolic today, they still hold great value as a way to recognize the many who came before. Each of them wore garments very much like the Economy Bachelor Gown/Cap/Tassel Package. Browse our wide selection of high-quality cap and gowns, graduations stoles and other accessories today!

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