Graduation Felt Mortarboard Hats

Handcrafted from soft felt and topped with a tassel, these Graduation Caps give your graduates something memorable to hang onto. Cheer right along with your graduate, whether they are graduating from kindergarten, high school or college. Every graduation ceremony is a memorable milestone, and these children graduation caps make those milestones even better. Match the color scheme of any school and graduation gown. These children graduation caps can be customized with stickers, decals and graduation cap decorations.

Packages save time and money. They include everything a kindergarten or preschool student needs for graduation day, with options for every budget. Check out packages that include our popular caps and gowns, or get the best basics.

We have everything to make graduation day special for little graduates. Find children graduation caps, gowns, certificates and diplomas, sashes, tassels, and more with sizes for preschool and kindergarten graduation through elementary school graduation.

With easy online ordering and packages for every budget, we’ve got graduation covered. Our packages offer different combinations of matching caps and gowns, tassels, diplomas, ribbons and t-shirts to provide a convenient bundle to celebrate this important milestone.

Many schools include graduation items in the cost of tuition or they provide graduation items to children. Some schools are using a different approach and asking parents to order. We provide free materials to schools to send home to parents with ordering instructions.

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