Design of Certificate Covers

Custom Diploma/ Certificate Covers are the ultimate in presentation that truly acknowledges a student’s achievement! We offer a full line of Custom Diploma Covers and Certificate Covers to meet your school or organization’s needs. No matter your specifications, we hand-craft Diploma Covers in various colors and textures.

Our Diploma Covers have the look and feel of fine leather without the cost and our stock and custom covers come in several colors and sizes to choose from. You can choose fabric lining, with the look and feel of silk or a sturdy board lining, with an authentic moiré grain, color coordinated corner ribbons also create a nice touch of class. Your organization’s name, logo or embossed seal or foil stamp can also be placed on the front cover.

  • Covers are available in stock or custom in a wide variety of sizes and colors
  • Custom decorate in foil stamping or debossing to personalize each item
  • Covers are available in book style, panoramic, top fold designs and more
  • Custom engraved diplomas and certificates are available

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