Linen-finish Certificate Holders

The Certificate Holders make an excellent solution for storing your diploma, degree or other letter of achievement. You get five in each pack, giving you enough for several of your personal pieces or to use for your classroom. Each certificate holder has a linen-finish texture that’s designed to last so you can put it on display for a long time. You can adjust it to landscape or portrait orientation for added versatility. Reinforced slots keep everything secure.

Linen-finish Certificate Holders:

  • Features linen-finish texture on heavy stock with gold printing
  • Designed for vertical or horizontal certificates
  • Unique, reinforced slots securely hold corners of letter-size certificates
  • Dark blue
  • 5 certificate holder folders per pack

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Easy Grad Cap Decoration Ideas


Humorist and speechwriter Robert Orben once joked, “A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that ‘individuality’ is the key to success.” How times change! Nowadays there are many ways to personalize graduation. In fact, over the last few years, graduation ceremonies with rows of uniform mortarboards have been replaced with a sea of personalized caps that broadcast each student’s individuality.

When the time comes for you or your child to collect a diploma, celebrate the accomplishment with a decorated graduation cap. We’ve gathered instructions and examples to inspire your design.

Easy Techniques for Decorating a Graduation Cap

As school winds to a close, you have enough to do without taking on another project. Thankfully there are many short cuts to creating a personalized graduation cap that won’t impact the quality of the design. If anything, these timesaving techniques will also help improve the look of your custom cap.

Sparkle With Glitter and Rhinestones

If you want a cap with extra wow that doesn’t take a lot of time, break out the glitter. Trace a design with fabric glue, then sprinkle it liberally with glitter. Repeat with additional colors until the entire hat sparkles.

If you have more time and patience, you may want to reach for the rhinestones. Outline a design with craft glue, such as your monogram or school logo, then carefully attach the colorful stones to complete the image. You may be able to save time with pre-stick rhinestones that come in various shapes including letters and popular characters.

Use Pre-Made Embellishments

Head over to the scrapbooking section of your local craft store to find pre-made embellishments designed to save time. Scrapbook paper is 12-inches square and can easily be trimmed to fit a standard mortarboard. It comes in a variety of fun styles from colorful chevron patterns to funky animal prints. Glue it to the cap for a quick and easy background.

The scrapbook section will also have other small ornaments you can attach to the cap. Look for themed decorations for travel, careers and personal interests that will add a custom touch to your design.

Save Time With Pre-Cut Letters

Whether you want to emblazon your cap with a short message or your initials, opt for pre-cut letters. You’ll save time and won’t have to worry about perfect handwriting. Letters are available in many different materials: fabric patches, foam, felt, glitter paper, wood and cardboard. If you have access to a personal cutting machine, you can even make your own letters from any font on your computer.

Go Freestyle With Fabric Paint

Gather a rainbow of fabric or puffy paints and draw a piece of art that is completely unique. Freestyle painting gives you the freedom to create anything you can imagine. Draw a picture or write out your favorite quote and decorate as much or as little as you want. Just be sure to plan plenty of time for the art to dry. Puffy paint can take up to 24 hours to dry, so this is not a project you can leave for the night before.

Graduation Cap Examples and Ideas

With so many easy ways to decorate a cap for graduation, the hardest part may be deciding on the design. Check out these creative ideas for personalized caps to inspire your own custom mortarboard.

Display School Pride

Keep it simple with a straightforward graduation cap that shows off your school pride. Decorate it with school colors, the university initials or an image of the mascot.

Custom Caps With Class

Create a cap that commemorates this special day by including unique details about your graduation: the year, the college or the degree attained.

Show Off Your Skills

Personalize your cap with the tools of your trade. Whether you’re a new teacher or are headed to med school, fill your graduation cap with equipment and icons that denote your future career.

Reference Pop Culture

Crazy for Dr. Who? Mad about Harry Potter? Whether you’re a Disney fan or a video game master now is the time to share your love with the world. Display your feelings by quoting your favorite line, featuring an inside joke or including a photo of your favorite character.

Send a Message

Use your graduation cap to share a special message: display the inspiring quote that helped you make it through till the end, express excitement over your achievement, or say “thanks” to the people who helped you most. For best results, keep it short so that the message remains readable from a distance.

Express Yourself at Graduation

Decorating a graduation cap is a whimsical way to showcase your individuality. Follow us on Pinterest for more ideas on how to personalize your life with creativity and style.

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Medical Scrubs China

Mondon Cap Gown is a company that infuses warmth into the healthcare environment with a true understanding of the needs of its consumers.

A dedication to providing medical professionals with scrubs that combine both style and function has resulted in a site that is currently among the largest online retailers of medical Scrubs and other medical scrub brands. We ship nationwide, and have established a rapport with our customers through our social media outlets and open lines of communication.

We put a significant emphasis on customer service, ensuring that every customer receives the scrubs that will work best for them. We hold frequent sales and promotions, and welcome customer feedback, as we constantly strive to provide the ultimate retail experience in nurse uniforms.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to cater to hospitality institutions, as well as group orders. We are synonymous with style and function that does not discriminate on pricing or quality. We continuously work to expand our horizons, bringing nurses the scrubs they want, at the prices they need.

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Plastic Certificate Frames

Here is our range of A4 and A5 plastic certificate frames in a wide choice of colours and very low prices! These plastic certificate frames are by far our most popular product range. The plastic certificate frames are hugely popular with a variety of businesses as they are a great cost effective solution to displaying valued certificates, literature and even photos.

Our range of plastic certificate frames begins with our extremely good value for money budget plastic certificate frames up to our deluxe wooden plastic certificate frames. Each frame can be hung either landscape or portrait, and certain models come with a strut back for a free standing purpose. These plastic certificate frames come with a styrene insert which not only protects the frame in transit but also throughout its lifetime, ideal in a business environment.

We hold huge numbers of plastic certificate frames here in our China warehouse due to the popularity of the product. We regularly accommodate extremely larger trade orders.

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Tassels and Hood Colors


Undergraduate Students

All candidates for undergraduate degrees wear SureFit (one size fits all) mortarboards, and a tassel for graduation whose color indicates the school from which they are being graduated. The chart below deTTs the color assignments, by school. Those who have not yet received a degree wear their tassel for graduation on the right of their caps, turning them to the left upon the conferral of their degrees.

Master’s Degrees

All candidates for master’s degrees who have rented IU custom apparel receive the appropriate cap, gown, tassel and hood. All hats are SureFit (one size fits all) mortarboards. Graduates who purchase apparel may select whichever cap style they prefer.

Candidates for graduate degrees wear hoods and tassel for graduation that reflect their fields of learning. Thus, students receiving a master’s degree in business wear drab, in SPEA, peacock blue, and in public health, salmon. All master’s candidates receiving degrees through the University Graduate School wear the white hoods and tassel for graduation of arts and sciences.

Doctor of Philosophy

For many decades, Ph.D. recipients wore hoods of various hues. In 1986, however, the American Council on Education (ACE), which has played a key role in determining correct academic apparel since 1932, specified that henceforth, Ph.D.’s would wear dark blue, a color long associated with philosophy. ACE explained the decision this way: “In the case of the Doctor of Philosophy Degree, the dark blue color is used to represent the mastery of the discipline of learning and scholarship in any field that is attested to by the awarding of this degree, and is not intended to represent the field of philosophy.” At IU, all Ph.D. degrees are awarded through the University Graduate School.

Other Doctoral Degrees

Candidates receiving doctoral degrees other than the Ph.D. wear the hood and tassel color of their schools. Thus, students receiving a doctorate or artist’s diploma in music wear pink, those in education receiving an Ed.D. or specialists degree, wear light blue, and those in law wear purple.

Faculty Hoods and Tassel for graduation

At Indiana University, faculty members who have received a Ph.D. wear royal blue hoods and gold tassels on their caps. Faculty members who have received other doctoral degrees wear hoods and tassels reflecting their disciplines. Faculty members who have received bachelor’s or master’s degrees wear the hoods of their fields, and black tassels on their caps.

History of the colors

The United States created standardized rules for academic regalia in 1895 with the passage of the Intercollegiate Code. These rules were based on the rules developed in Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries. The code, created by an intercollegiate commission, prescribed the cut and style and materials of the gowns, as well as determined the colors which were to represent the different fields of learning.

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