What do all those different colors and gowns mean?


The custom of wearing academic gowns, hoods, and caps dates back to about the 12th century, when most scholars belonged to a religious order.

Long gowns and hoods were standard dress for medieval clergy, who often studied and taught in cold buildings. The style and coloring of the robe, hood, and, sometimes, skull cap denoted an edu­cated individual. From the end of the 16th century to the present, members of the clergy, law profes­sionals, and academics have worn robes.

Sometime in the 14th century, English univer­sities began to use the dress to distinguish levels of education. Modeled on the English system, the American Academic Costume Code was estab­lished in 1895 by a commission of delegates from the Ivy League and New York universities.

The Costume Code calls for three types of gowns: doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s. The doc­toral gown is the most elaborate, with front-facing velvet and three velvet bars on each of the full, bil­lowing sleeves. The velvet can be black, PhD blue, or the academic color to which the degree corre­sponds. The master’s gown is distinctive for its ex­tremely long, closed sleeves, the arms protruding through a slit at the elbow. The bachelor’s gown is the simplest of the three, a plain gown with long, pointed sleeves.

Doctoral and master’s degrees are also indicat­ed by a hood, distinctive in shape, size, and color. The doctor’s hood is easily recognizable, with wide velvet edging that indicates the degree earned and full exposure of the lining. The master’s hood is the same length as the doctor’s hood but does not fully expose the lining, and the velvet edging is not as wide. For both hoods, the lining indicates the col­ors of the institution conferring the degree.

Mortarboards, the distinctive four-pointed caps, are worn by academics at all levels. In recent years, doctors have taken to wearing a soft velvet tam instead.

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School Administrators and Special Considerations

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Although some discrepancy exists about which side of the cap the tassel should be worn on, generally undergraduates wear tassels on the left and post-graduate students wear tassels on the right. Occasionally students will switch the tassel from one side of the cap to the other after receiving their diploma, and sometimes students graduating on the honor roll or with latin honors (“cum laude”) will have a unique tassel color to mark their achievements.

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