Graduation Stole Tradition and the Meaning it Entails

University Graduates

Graduation ceremony is one occasion that is filled with many significant implications. Aside from the various meaningful measures or activities that are contained in the ceremony itself, many elements also played major roles in the solemn event. Academic items such as the academic gown, hood, academic cord, diplomas and cap each hold symbolic meanings and they play an essential function in the whole occasion. One of the many academic items that are seen fashioned by students during such academic formality is the academic stole. The graduation stole tradition has been in the scene for the longest time.

Tracing back its history, the using of this vestment was first adapted by the Catholic and Anglican priests during the 12th century. These church ministers wear glamorous liturgical clothing which includes the stole as they perform religious celebrations. Due to the influence of the church during this period, academic organizations had created their own academic regalia wholly inspired by the liturgical clothing worn by priests. Since then, the wearing of stoles became accustomed by many academic institutions.

A graduation stole is a type of vestment that is worn by students during graduation ceremonies. They resemble a scarf-like item of clothing of which it comes in a “U” shaped structure with a V shaped back neck. They are placed around the neck, over the shoulders and above the graduation gown. There can be different materials used to make this type of item but the bridal satin fabrics are the most commonly used. In most cases, these items come with lettering imprinted or embroidered on them. Graduation stole creator makes various graduation stole designs ranging from embroidered graduation stole to stoles that have heat transfer prints together with other embellishments added on it.

Graduation stole tradition carries with it many different implications. Due to this, different kinds of stoles had emerged. Some of the most prominent type of stoles is the:

1. Honor Stoles – One of the meanings that the graduation stole tradition embraces is how it is worn to highlight academic achievements. Graduation stoles are popularly used to distinguish one’s outstanding accomplishments. Students that had acquired high academic ranking are awarded with honor stoles. Gold colored stoles usually correspond to the honor stoles.

2. Stole of gratitude – Stole of gratitude is a type of graduation stole that is used to represents one’s appreciation. They are handed down to individuals who have shown remarkable support for the graduates. They may be given to parents, professors and other individuals who had aided them with their studies.

3. Organization’s stole – The wearing of stoles during graduation also denotes the idea of group affiliations. Various groups or organization had their own distinct stole designs that their members proudly wear during the occasion.

4. Graduate’s Stole – the most basic type of graduation stole is the sashes that highlights the individuals’ standing as a graduate. These graduation stole are worn by graduates during the ceremony and they usually have the word “graduate” and the school’s logo and school year imprinted or embroidered on either side of the stole.

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Graduation Dress: Cap, Tassel, Gown, and Hood “How To” Procedures

High school graduation day checklist – What to Wear :

1. How To Dress for Graduation (under the gown): Let your students know about appropriate graduation dress. Men generally wear dark trousers and a dress shirt and tie under their gowns. Women usually wear a lightweight dress or a blouse and a skirt that is shorter than the gown so it does not hang below the robe.

2. How To Wear a Graduation Cap: The high school graduation cap is worn flat on the head, one point of the square facing forward (like a diamond).

3. High school graduation tassel: Tassels are worn on the right side at the start of the graduation ceremony, and you flip it to the left when graduates receive their diplomas.

4. Graduation Gown How To: High school graduation gowns should fall midway between the knee and ankle. They are worn over your regular clothing, zipped up in the front. Women often wear a white or gold collar, while men usually do not wear a collar.

5. Graduation Hood How To: Learning how to wear a graduation hood, and hood procedures, can be a bit of a chore. Hoods are placed over your head, draping off your shoulders and over the back of the robe. The velvet border is on the outside. Make sure the hood lining turns out so that the school colors are visible (turn the trim to the outside at the back, right below your shoulders). If your hood has a cord at the font, fasten it to a dress button or robe zipper to keep it off your neck. You can also view some pictures academic hoods for assistance.

6. Honor Cords How To: The middle knot is put behind your neck. Bring the honour cords to the front, hanging down your sides with two tassels on each side.

7. Honor Stoles How To: Hang the honour stole seam centered on the back of your neck, draping down your front to about your waist.

8. Tams How To: A tam is worn similar to a mortarboard or cap, with one point of shape facing forward, and the tassel handing off the side towards the front. The tassel is often directly connected to the fabric by the use of one or more buttons. Generally, you do not flip a tassel on a tam, but leave it in place.

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