Child Shiny Orange Gown

The precise shade of a juicy and ripe tangerine, our most brilliant offering will get plenty of attention on graduation day! The Child Shiny Orange Gown is made with 100% polyester fabric for comfort and durability and is designed to stand up to a busy graduation day schedule.

Our eye-catching Child Shiny Orange Gown works well as a team or school color and can also be used to designate students with honors or awards. Choosing this dazzling model for your ceremony lets your kids and parents know how much you care about their education.

Each citrus hued gown is designed with comfort and style in mind and has been scaled down to precisely fit elementary school aged children. The fully separating front zipper makes it easy for kids to get ready on their own and allows you to prepare for your ceremony with only a few adult helpers.

The Child Shiny Orange Gown features:

  • Soft and comfortable 100% polyester fabric
  • Your choice of 6 sizes for a custom fit
  • Wide and comfortable sleeves and hem for easy movement

Love orange, but need a more subdued look? This gown comes in a shine free orange.

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Create diploma certificates and can be printed using your home or office printer

Make and print your own diploma certificates

You have full control over every certificate detail. You can change the border, clip art and text. The options are endless. All certificate components can be edited on size and coloring.

Create a certificate from professionally designed templates

Don’t have the time to create an award from scratch then start from our inventory of premade diploma certificates. Just edit the text to fit your needs.

Use our clip art library

We are always adding new borders, banners and clip art to the system that is availabe for you to utilize in your own diploma certificates.

Access your diploma certificates from any computer with an Internet connection

We introduced a revolutionary licensing model, in that the end user was not limited to 1 computer. Our license breaks these bounds and you can log into the certificate creator from any computer anywhere.

Save diploma certificates for later use

Also before the cloud we saved users diploma certificates back to our servers (cloud) and thus they are available from any computer you log in. Create a certificate at home and then go into work or school and print it out.

Also available for iOS devices!

We’ve released several different themed apps for Apple’s iOS devices.

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Academic Hood ordering made easy

You’ve worked hard earning your degree. Obtaining quality academic regalia shouldn’t be a struggle. Let Caps and Gowns Direct make it ordering your academic hood easy!

Academic hoods are worn over the graduation gown to signify the degree obtained and the university of institution where the degree was awarded.

The degree is signified by the color of the velvet on the hood, which is seen on both the front and the back of the hood.

Please note that in the case of the PhD degree, the rich royal blue color is used, to represent the PhD, rather than the discipline color or field of study.

What that means is that unlike an Ed.D., who receives light blue velvet for (education), or a D.Sci who receives gold velvet (for science), or a D.M.A who receives pink velvet (for music), a Ph.D in science, education or music would still receive dark blue velvet.

PhD holders wishing to dress up their hoods or doctoral gowns and “show their discipline” may elect to have us add degree color piping on their deluxe doctoral hoods or doctoral gowns.

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Wood Diploma Frames For Graduation


Graduates work hard for their college diploma. The years of late-night studying, fun with close friends and academic triumph should be celebrated forever with one-of-a-kind hardwood university diploma frame. Whether you want to match your graduate’s school colors with a traditional dark wood diploma frame or commemorate the big day with one that displays the graduation tassel, we makes it extremely easy to find the perfect college diploma display.

We understand that no two degrees are the same size, so we customize our college diploma frames to fit the dimensions and style of your graduate’s school. This means no framing hassles to deal with, and no tools are necessary for the hanging. Easily shop for the correct college diploma frame by using the search bar above and typing in your school name. Choose from different designs – we have traditional university diploma frames or alternatives with an additional horizontal insert, perfect for putting in a picture of graduation day!

A university diploma frame is the best college graduation gift to ask for, and there is nothing that can make Mom and Dad more proud then to be able to show off their children’s accomplishments! You can even order matching university diploma frames with your best friends from college to solidify your unforgettable journey together. Preserve your prized possession and hang up your success for everyone to see with college graduation diploma frames!

Diploma Frames – Display Your Accomplishments

As a parent of a college graduate, you know the hard work that went into obtaining a degree. Years of late night study sessions, lugging books to and from class, and cramming for final exams has finally paid off. However, your scholar cannot forget the good times: meeting friends they will have for a lifetime, their athletic and academic triumphs, and the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment as they traverse across the stage to receive their diploma.

Celebrate this collegiate milestone by proudly displaying your student’s degree in a one-of-a-kind wooden diploma frame for graduation. No matter which frame you choose, each has a polished finish and elegant grain. The accent matting on each frame complements our exclusive molding, drawing the center of attention to the precious certificate housed within.

Custom College Diploma Frames

No two degrees are the same size. Our customized frames fit the dimensions and style of your graduate’s diploma. This means no outsourcing hassles to deal with, and no tools necessary for framing or mounting. Easily peruse our selection of diploma frames by using the university search bar above to find the display that fits your document’s specifications. Each diploma frame is custom cut, resulting in the perfect fit every time.

Different Types of Diploma Displays

We offer a variety of unique framing options for diplomas:

  • Standard diploma frames: browse our Heritage Frame Collection for basic wood framing with colorful matting
  • Logo and university name: custom frames that feature your student’s university logo and name embossed on the matting
  • Diploma and photo combination: display a graduation picture, or a photo of an iconic building or monument on campus alongside the diploma
  • Tassel and diploma: feature your student’s university tassel alongside their college degree

With the hustle and bustle of preparing for college graduation, students often neglect how they plan to display their diploma. With that in mind, we can help families and friends of graduates find the appropriate display for their student’s specific diploma measurements. Purchase one as a unique gift option to bring to a graduation party, or surprise your scholar by framing and mounting their diploma on their bedroom wall before arriving home.

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Black Graduation Gowns

Package Contents

Our black graduation gowns package comes with a cap, gown, tassel, metallic year date (signet), and white or gold collar for women. The package is enclosed in clear plastic, and includes a size label with height and sizing for weight.

Typical Uses

These types of graduation gowns are called our Keeper line of gowns. These caps and gowns are made from polyester fabric. Ideal for single use or as a souvenir during a school commencement ceremony. These gowns are usually used by high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, community colleges, and some four year colleges and universities. If you are looking for a matte color, more durable gown, or a professional robe, please return to our front page and take a look at our Academic Regalia section.

Fabric Description

The fabric is lightweight, shrink resistant, mildew resistant, and quick drying. It is also strong, resistant to stretching, most chemicals, and abrasion. They are reliably resilient and crisp when wet or dry, and retain heat-set pleats and creases. These robes can be washed in ordinary washers and dryers, though we do not recommend you do so very many times as they are not intended for long-term use. These gowns can fade from long exposure to the sun.

Tassel and Year-Date

The metallic year is called a tassel drop or signet. We carry the current year, most prior years going back about ten years, and sometimes the next future year. We cannot make a special tassel-drop at this time, and all tassel drops are pulled from our stock and not cast on-site.

This Black Color

The color is listed as black. Shades of black include Carbon, Ivory black, Ebony, Charcoal, Mars black, Night, Shadow, Shade, Pitch, Raven, Sable, Dusk, Inky, and Brunet.

Black sometimes symbolizes night. In Western fashion, black is considered reliably stylish. Black is seen as a color of seriousness and authority, and is found in law and religion in that context. In the Maasai tribes of Kenya and Tanzania, the color black is associated with rain clouds, becoming a symbol of life and prosperity. Black was also the color of an Arab dynasty of caliphs, and is seen as a royal color by some.

For graduate hoods and academic regalia colors, black or shades of black (specifically darker drab colors and darker brown colors) are used to designate the degree or discipline of Accounting, Business Administration, Business Education, Commerce, Commercial Science, Dramatic Arts, and Industrial and Labor Relations.

Schools Using Black Gowns

Black is a fairly dominate color in many high school colors and university or college colors, symbols and logos, second only to royal blue. Black is one of our most popular choices for high school graduation cap and gown selections as well as college and university selections in the United States. Because of this popularity, we always stock a large supply of black caps and gowns.

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Black Leatherette A4 Graduation Certificate


Black Leatherette A4 Graduation Certificate Holder with 5.5″ x 4″ photo on the front. This stunning certificate holder is beautifully designed with a graduation scroll motif at the top and the word ‘GRADUATION’ printed in silver below the photograph, and a yellow tassel hanging used to open and close folder to view award giving it the finishing touch. This certificate holder can be made more personal with a silver plate engraved and attached below the photo.

Meet our Deluxe Mat Frame, the perfect solution for presenting or displaying 8-½” x 11″ certificates, awards, diplomas, and important documents. This sturdy cardboard diploma frame features an easel back for horizontal or vertical display, plus it has attached wall tabs for easy display. Available in blue or black leatherette, this cardboard certificate frame has a decorative gold foil border design and includes acetate document protectors to protect against dust and fingerprints.

Need personalized certificate frames? No problem. We can add your company logo, school mascot, or event information with hot foil stamping. Custom imprinting is available on orders of 25 of more. Blank cardboard award frames are available with no minimum quantity.

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Master Graduation Cap Gown Matte Black

Outfit all of your Masters graduates without breaking your budget by choosing this elegant, all in one ensemble for your ceremony. Each set includes a traditionally styled Master Graduation Cap Gown Matte Black with a matching mortarboard cap and keepsake tassel. This classic ensemble is available in our full range of nine sizes, so you can outfit your entire class.

Our classic Master Graduation Cap Gown Matte Black is made with a soft and shiny 100% polyester fabric that is designed to repel moisture and resist wrinkles. Each gown features the traditional long sleeves that are the mark of a celebrant who has achieved Masters status. The sleeves help the wearer stand out from the crowd and end at the wrist in the front and at about mid-thigh length in the back.

Our matching cap is made from the same soft and comfortable fabric and is designed to stay firmly in place during the ceremony. A form fitting cap with added elastic provides shape and stability and ensures a precise fit. Each cap won’t be complete until you also place an order for the matching rayon tassel that attaches easily to the button on the cap top and includes a signet year charm to mark the occasion.

Each Masters Economy Cap & Gown features:

  • Full length gown in our classic Masters style
  • Matching cap with a 9″” x 9″” mortarboard top
  • Commemorative tassel add-on options after sets are added to cart

This affordable combo can be worn by your MBA or MFA faculty members, too!

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Kindergarten & Preschool Caps and Gowns


Make these first years a positive experience they will never forget! Create a memorable graduation ceremony with Kindergarten or Preschool caps and gowns.

A celebration of the end and the beginning. Mothers will smile with pride as sons and daughters make their way across center stage. Fathers will jockey for position, getting their cameras closer for the perfect shot. It’s a big day for everyone involved and we’re excited to think that we might be on your invitation list. A cap, gown, and tassel are the perfect addition to kindergarten, grade school, junior high, high school and college ceremonies. Graduation is a special day . . . regardless of age.

Ready to ship and easy to order kindergarten and preschool cap and gown will not only make a memory but the young graduate will stand tall as they accept their diplomas! Thomas graduation gowns are available in a variety of colors and sizes. We have what you need to complete this years graduation class.

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